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Yosegi-zaiku is beautiful created wooden inlaid work,made the careful selection and setting of designs to form unique patterns,contrived entirely from natural coloured woods. No inks or dyes have been utilized in creating any of colours used in any of the pieces of woods selected. Highly skilled craftsmen work to combine the natural colours and grains of wood in order to create harmonious pieces of work and art.
These extraordinary techniques have been developed especially in the Hatajuku district,in the Hakone area,dating back from as early as the Edo period(1600-1868). Presently such work can not be found outside the area.

There are 2 methods to produce such attractive pieces.

The first method involves affixing slivers of coloured wood into patterned sections and then sticking all of the sections together to from a larger pattern. With great care planed sheets of he patterned wood in then thinly sliced cutter is used to slice the sheets wafer-thin precisely. A special cutter is used to slice the sheets wafer-thin precisely.
The second technique entails using larger blocks of patterned wood directly as goods. The colorfully designed blocks of wood are meticulously carved and shaped to create various kinds of dishes, vases and numerous other goods.

At the present time, YOSEGI HANDICRAFTS in HAKONE have been officially authorized by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry(MITI) and are protected as a national handcraft.
Our society within the Hatajuku area,is wholly dedicated to the further improvement in quality and design of our exquisitely unique wooden handcrafts.


WHITES: GreenCalabash, Spindle Tree, Mizuki
YELLOWS: Lacquer Tree, Sumac, Nigaki
GREY: Honoki
LIGHT BROWNS: Japanese Pagoda Tree, Camphor, Cherry & Mulberry Trees, Keyaki-Zelkova
BLACKS: Japanese Judas Tree, Kurogaki


If the surface should become marked use a soft damp cloth to gently the surface. Avoid using detergents or cleansers of any kind that may scratch or harm the surface .
Avoid direct sunlight ,and keep the goods away from high temperatures and humidity for longevity.



"Zuku-bari" is a technique in which thinly shaved patterns are applied to the outside of wooden products, such as small boxes, using a special canner. This technique is the origin of Hakone-Yosegi-Zaiku.
The thickness of the zuku is about 0.15mm to 0.2mm. This is a skill that only skilled craftsmen can achieve.
The most popular products made with zuku are secret boxes and accessory cases. Please enjoy the beauty of the geometric patterns woven by the colors of natural wood.



This is the process of making a product out of thick parquet.
There are products such as teacups and bowls. It is durable and easy to use in daily life. The warmth that only solid wood can provide enriches our lives.

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